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Frequently asked questions

Animal welfare

We take animal welfare very seriously and we believe that all animals should be happy and healthy.

We only work with reputable district-licensed breeders who raise their pups with utmost love and care, or with individuals whose family dog has welcomed new pups into the world.

Our classes are solely for the purpose of socialising our pups and to give them a chance to play around, be themselves, and have fun. Following our classes, our puppies go back to their loving home as they normally would.

We are not affiliated with the sale or purchase of any animals.

We do not, in any shape or form, support puppy farming. We will take strict action against it if we are suspicious of any such activity.

What systems are in place to ensure puppies are treated with care?

We would like to highlight the following practices we have been undertaking since the conception of The Paw Studio:


We have always, and always will, provide clean, fresh water to our pups during classes. We keep two dog water bowls in our class which get topped up regularly by our assistants.


Their feeding regimen is never disturbed. We discuss with our breeders to find out their regular feeding regimen. If a feed time falls during a class time, we set aside time for our pups to be fed.


Our studio is spacious and well-ventilated, with clearly signed fire exits. We have risk assessments in place to maintain safety and minimise risk. There is safe, clean, space away from the yoga mats, where their crate is kept, if the pups ever choose to play or rest in separate area. When our class begins, we allow the pups to naturally come to our participants. This is driven by their natural innate curiosity and will to interact with humans.

On warmer days, we switch on cooling fans and open windows and doors to allow cool fresh air to circulate the room. On colder days, we switch on radiators to keep the room warm.

All of our classes are during the day and we encourage the room to be filled with natural daylight. This mimics the lighting level that pups would experience in their home environment.

Additionally, there are separated soiling and resting areas for our pups.

In between our classes, the pups are always supervised by their breeder or a member of staff.


Our puppies are free to sleep in our classes when they wish and for however long they wish. They come along with their bedding/blankets brought from home which carry the scent of mum and their home environment. We have found our pups naturally approach and fall asleep on participants so if that isn’t the biggest sign that our pups are comfortable and content, then we don’t know what is!! We also incorporate 30-minutes in between classes for the puppies for additional hangout, play, or rest time as they wish.


During our yoga classes, we play soft and calming music. We then end our class with a relaxing gong sound bath. Gong baths are highly calming and they bring about an overall sense of relaxation and stress relief. This music is never louder than usual noises made in a household; clanking of dishes, a TV running, doors shutting, hoovering, etc. In addition, if we find that a class is too chatty, the yoga instructor will encourage silence in everyone.


We carefully choose toys that are safe, fun, and intriguing for our pups and ensure that they are cleaned regularly. We have the following;

  • Stuffed plush textured toys that are easy on baby teeth and gums and promote a feeling of safety.
  • Soft, rubbery toys to help with teething.
  • Squeaky toys and rope toys to promote mental stimulation and for an added element of fun.



On arrival of our participants, we ask everyone to remove their shoes and keep them above ground-level to prevent cross-contamination of the outside environment. Any participants feeling ill or recovering from illness are kindly asked to not attend. We treat our surfaces with hospital-grade parvo-virucide and treat our yoga mats with pet-friendly antibacterial spray.

We lay down puppy pads to create a separate soiling area to the resting area. We then use antibacterial spray and wipes to clean soiled areas and dispose of any waste immediately.

Viruses in young puppies are transmitted from contact with other dogs. For this reason, we haveĀ neverĀ allowed litters from different dogs to mix. Participants are strictly restricted from bringing their own dogs.


We typically hold 2 or 3 classes once or twice a month. Our classes do not take place every day. Each class has a 15-minute wind down period at the start and end of the class, left with 30 mins to do gentle yoga. In these 15 minutes, our pups acclimatise to the environment and their curiosity leads them to our participants. If you have ever met a puppy you will know that they absolutely LOVE the opportunity to run about together, climb over humans, and get lots of cuddles.

Prior to and in-between our classes, there are 30-minutes for additional hangout, play, feeding, or rest time as per their needs.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your class start time.

Do I need a yoga mat?

No! Yoga mats are provided, but you can bring your own mat if you wish to.

What happens during the class?

The first 15 minutes of the class will be focused on breathing exercises while our puppies run around and get to know you. The last 15 minutes will include meditation and a period to unwind.

Our pups may hop on to your lap, lick your face, or even fall asleep on you. It is your choice to follow the yoga practice or to engage in gentle play with our puppies- or both! We kindly ask that you lift our puppies gently, or not at all. Our yoga instructor will go over how to safely lift puppies at the start of the class. If you do not feel confident or are unsure how to lift a puppy, please avoid doing so all together and ask our staff for assistance.

Do I need to be good at yoga?

Anyone can practice yoga and our class is designed for beginners so it can be enjoyed by all.

What if I have a disability or injury?

Please email us in advance and we will try our best to make arrangements for you where possible. Yoga can be modified or adapted to meet your needs. Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access into the studio.

Before the class begins, please be sure to let our yoga instructor know about any injuries or concerns you have.

Are children able to join?

Classes are for participants 16+, however participants who are 8+ can be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 18 years of age.

Can we bring our own pets?

Due to safety reasons, pets are not allowed.

Can we bring our own pet food and toys?

Due to safety reasons, external pet food and pet toys are not allowed. However, not to worry as we will provide our own treats and toys to help you interact with our puppies!

Are the puppies for sale?

We are not associated with the buying or selling of any of the puppies and we are strictly not a medium through which puppy sales are made. We are happy to put you in touch with a local rescue or Kennel Club if needed.


Is there parking available?

Details regarding parking will be sent to you in your confirmation email once you have purchased your ticket.

Are tickets refundable or exchangeable?

All tickets are final sale and non-refundable. However, we understand that life happens and plans change. If you cannot attend our class, your ticket can be passed on to someone else. Please send us an email to let us know.

Are you a breeder or event space?

Interested in working with us? Send us an email, we would love to connect!