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About us


About Us

Welcome to The Paw Studio where the craft of yoga meets the delight of fuzzy friendship at our various locations covering Peterborough, Leicester, Norwich and Cambridge! At the Paw Studio, we invest in making an extraordinary and pleasant space where the serenity of yoga flawlessly mixes with the fun-loving energy of pups. Our studio isn’t simply a spot to rehearse yoga; it’s a safe house for animal lovers and health enthusiasts the same.

Our mission

At The Paw Studio, our primary goal is to cultivate a community that embraces all-encompassing prosperity, care, and the genuine love that no one but pups can bring. We aim to make a safe haven where people can set out on an excursion of self-revelation, physical well-being, and endearing connections with our four-legged companions.

Our yoga classes

Our yoga classes are meticulously intended to take special care of all levels of involvement, from amateurs to prepared practitioners. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your adaptability, develop fortitude, or basically loosen up and de-stress, our various scope of classes have something for everybody. With delicate flow sessions, each class is imbued with the remedial presence of lovable puppies.

Puppies in the studio

At The Paw Studio, we accept that the presence of puppies adds an exceptional layer of euphoria and inspiration to the yoga experience. Our fuzzy mates meander uninhibitedly during classes, offering unconstrained moments of liveliness, connection, and chuckling. Studies have shown that communicating with creatures can reduce stress, lower pulse, and increment sensations of satisfaction – benefits that impeccably supplement the act of yoga.

Our yoga instructors

Our group of certified yoga teachers isn’t just enthusiastic about the specialty of puppy yoga, but is additionally devoted to establishing a warm and comprehensive climate for all members. We comprehend the significance of equilibrium, both on and off the mat, and are focused on directing you through a groundbreaking and enhancing yoga experience.

Events in the community

Beyond our standard classes, The Paw Studio is able to host unique events to extend your yoga practice and fortify the connection between people and puppies. From yoga sessions and animal therapy at wellbeing events, we are effectively associated with making a positive effect both inside and past our studio walls.

Come along with us!

Whether you’re a trained yogi or a first-time practitioner, we welcome you to come along with us at The Paw Studio. Immerse yourself in the peacefulness of yoga, encompassed by the lively energy of puppies. Find a local area that values prosperity, connection, and the delight that comes from embracing both the careful and the cheerful parts of life.

Leave on a journey of well-being, encompassed by swaying tails and open hearts. Welcome to The Paw Studio- where each posture is a chance for both individual and puppy happiness and enhancement.